What People Are Saying About the MISTRAS Rope Access Team

The [MISTRAS Rope Access] team rescued a damaged job. Not only did they repair it, they finished two days early!

Todd BanvilleSterling NDT

I am consistently impressed with the services [Ropeworks] has provided for our inspection projects. It is clear that all [Ropeworks] team members are 'A' team players.

John SherkP.E. HDR Engineering

"Your team's focus on safety and efficiency is evident."

Chad SchlerethUS Dept. of State

"100% professional. A true pleasure to work with."

Tom HowellP.E.

I was extremely impressed with the skill, professionalism, safety focus, and speed with which the [Ropeworks] team executed. The team leads were very approachable and able to easily explain the overall status, challenges, and solutions used to overcome them. This was my first time working with [Ropeworks], and it won't be my last.

Kyle PartridgeGeneral Electric

The attention to detail and the dedication to each work task was exceptional. The crew was fully interested in understanding the scope of each task to ensure that we received the best results of the inspection and maintenance. All this was reported in the a very concise and detailed report that will serve as an example for future projects.

Jose NavarreteJacobs Technology

It is always good to work with and alongside [MISTRAS Rope Access]... they just keep impressing me. Keep up the good work!

Torben BjergSiemens Wind Power - DK

They are great people, problem solvers, and very professional. A rope access think tank!

Travis FordHDR