Rope Access III

This 5 to 6-day course prepares candidates for SPRAT and/or IRATA Level III certification. This course focuses on advanced rope access tasks and job management skills required of a technician working as a rope access supervisor.

Learning Objectives

• Develop and implement work plans and associated risk assessments
• Supervise the proper use and management of rope access equipment
• Demonstrate extensive knowledge of advanced rigging and rescue techniques


Job-site Safety and Documentation

• Able to ensure compliance with relevant Rope Access guidelines and legislation
• Supervise and direct the Rope Access tasks of other technicians
• Develop access work plans or method statements
• Complete, implement, and review job hazard analysis or risk assessments
• Establish and manage exclusion zones
• Verify Rope Access experience in technicians logbooks


• Capable of constructing or directing construction of Rope Access systems to include tensioned lines
• Capable of inspecting safety and analyzing resultant forces of Rope Access systems
• Develop and implement an access plan for a specific Rope Access task

Rope Access Techniques and Rescues

• All rope access techniques to include aid climbing and structure climbing
• Rescue a casualty through all Rope Access rigging scenarios
• Plan, conduct and manage complex rescue scenarios


Candidates seeking certification to SPRAT or IRATA Level III Technician must have appropriate previous industrial rope access experience.

• SPRAT requires a minimum of 6 months experience and 500 logged working hours as a SPRAT Level II technician.
• IRATA requires a minimum of 12 months experience and 1000 logged working hours as an IRATA Level II technician.

Participants will be asked to perform moderate to strenuous activities. A physical examination by a doctor is strongly recommended. Candidates will be required to sign a Liability Release Form and a Statement of Medical Condition confirming the absence of known medical conditions that might preclude their ability to safely work at height.

Please see physical requirements for rope access work for more details.


Scheduling and Pricing
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